Alexandra Greening Route

Climate change remains a challenge and a problem: we all have a responsibility to be part of the climate change programmes and it’s important to unite and come up with solution. Since millennium, the whole world has been informed about the climate change in our planet. It has been proven that really we are facing a disaster and we have to apply preventive majors. Currently, most part of the world they are feeling the impact of climate change and in some instances people lose their lives. We see countries turning into no man land. Billions of Dollars are currently spent to assist disaster arrears and for AID relieve due to the climate change.
South Africa is still a developing country and as the of African economy hub, we have experienced immigration into our country (SA) and these resulted in high demand from our natural supply such as water, food production, herbs and the air we breathe. The over population in major cities and semi-suburbs has caused a shortage in basic needs for citizens. Mother earth is our source of energy and we depend on her for our sustainability. Humankind has caused lot of damage to our planet, due to industrialisation, new inventions, greenhouse gas, from 1st world war till date, poverty and illiteracy, then If we keep on ignoring the call to make a plan to prevent damaging the ozone layer, we are facing more disasters.
Our environment is the core business in this regard and we all have to listen to each other, work as a team, build communities, unite as Nations and we cooperate.
Alexandra Greening Route (AGR) it will be Community Tourism related project and programme: under the Ecotourism initiative and Environmental Affairs. Alexandra Township was born 1912, since the population is growing at a fast rate due to immigration, asylum seekers, employment seekers, education and training, also home for many people. The population is currently estimated to 900 000 and its obviously we are overcrowded, then we have high demand in everything that sustain our daily life’s and also pollute our environment. South African citizens must be aware about the currently challenge that we are facing as the global community. From personal experiences, l have seeing unattainable development in most of our disadvantaged communities and is through education that we can change the situation. Most of the environmental education programmes are implemented in learning institutions (schools) and less education to the community at large; hence the numbers of consumer’s expenditures are high.
Number of reasons: the biggest challenge is lack of food growing skills and lack of knowledge in terms of environmental management skills. Participation in climate change programmes is less and the number of polluters is high, so we have to strike the balance and increase the number of environmentalist.
Alexandra has more than 10 sustainable gardens and with dedicated individuals who saw a need to create employment for them self. Other feed their families, supplier fruit and vegetable mini markets; they started soup kitchens and sell the products to the community members at the reasonable price. Now for the community of Greater Alexandra to realise the importance of own food growing or starting their own gardens, we have to start by recognising the impact that is made by the current garden projects. Recently, 2 Greater Alexandra garden projects have won the provincial garden competition, which they took 1st and 2nd place and to encourage them more, we have to embrace their efforts, create a working relationship between us as general community members, entrepreneurs, other industries like Hospitality and Tourism, Education and Training institutions, Governments departments (Agriculture, Social Service, Economic Development, Science and Technology) to sustain food security initiatives.
Ecotourism is being introduced as the vehicle to bring sustainable development in environmental projects and programme. Information sharing is important so that different people from all walks of life can come together and share their knowledge. Ecotourism will be assisting communities to know what’s happening in our planet and to create other source of revenue, because of the resources that are required to sustain the gardens, also to introduce programmes that are aimed at empowering gardeners and community member with knowledge. Community Tourism is developing in low income communities, due to Alexandra History and Heritage, most of our Tourist are interested in assisting community members by educating them in environmental issues and bring investment for sustainable development. By resuming Alexandra Greening Route we want to bring innovation, increate participation, create incoming projects and programmes, open new markets that will supplier well established supermarkets, establish a sustainable community of gardeners and climate change awareness.


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