Work With Us

We are working in partnership with a few entities in various industries with innovative, artists, companies and entrepreneurs who encompass solid ethics and professionalism through various forms of business exposure & expressive arts forms. Our collaborations make show everything starts at The Hub Presents. The unified promotion of co-operatives and local businesses in their respected business industries is one of many core-driving factors for the growth of the local economies. Forward thinking and progressive entrepreneurs, businesses and co-operative movements come together to bring to life some memorably epic holistically beneficial productions.

  • Alexandra Garden Routes: Part of our tours pass various community corporative gardens, giving more exposure to Alexandra Green Culture & influences of producing fresh vegetables & fruits for community consumption.

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  • Black Sunday Sessions: South Africa’s legendary Sunday Hip-Hop Show…

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  • Alexandra Music Experience: (More info to be published…)
  • Alexandra Music Festival: (More info to be Published…)

“Iqala La!” (It Starts Here!)

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