“Idla Nathi”

The Hub Presents - Braai day everyday - Ad

The Hub Presents a traditional meets modern mouth watering selection of dishes to tantalize your taste buds. From a buffet of traditional kasi breakfast of “Amagwinya” (fat cakes) & the various “Izishebo” (fillings) that are enjoyed by the locals in Alexandra, to flame grilled meals & traditionally prepared “inyama yenhloko”, “Mogodu”etc. A selection of mouth watering stews, colourful salads, vegetables prepared to an al dente crisp and some mean ash dumpling! A true Alexandra food experience to give your mouth that excitingly indigenous taste to leave you wanting more. The Hub Presents food that is prepared with the utmost love & dedication, attention to detail given to strength of various spices.

P.S. Please don’t quote us on the food because the menu changes from great to out of this world delectable!!

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