Established as a place of fun within a township that has a lot of heritage, within a country that ooze’s colour and the true sense of Ubuntu. The Hub Presents is a representation of everything artistic and visually breathtaking concepts that blend the community of Alexandra and surrounding areas/communities. We Presents an angle, we call “Play” which forms part of our WORK WITH US Programme…

Some of the concepts that form our programmes are:

  • Home Ground Advantage
  • Flea Market

The Play section comprises of all our activities around the communities of The Greater Alexandra, from our themed events to activities within our “Work With Us” programme. The theme nights cover a plethora of genres & conceptual expressionists, from

Since the beginning of the year 2016, The Hub Presents Lounge team has been establishing relationships with artists of various disciplines around the country – in an effort to create events that are conceptual & present a harmonious entertainment space for everyone visiting or sharing in the lineup of activities being groomed for showcasing. Our events have already brought together artists from all provinces of South Africa, artists who mostly still base their artistic expression on their own mother tongue…

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Man Daze Jamz: Takes our patriots on an old school classics that made great memories for most of us from the early 60’s to the late 90’s. These sessions are for the soulfull music lovers who relate with good music & good energies enjoyed at The Hub Presents…

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Choose Games Dayz: A planned night of gaming and all, going through a list of games from Play Station oriented games to pure traditional games played around our communities.

Open Mic Wednesdays: A day for purely live arts expressionism (i.e. Live Bands, Beat Previews, Poetry, Storytelling, Comedy & latest previews of new blockbuster movie releases/music videos…)

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– Tribute Night (Thirst Dayz)
Tribute Nights, presents a specific artist – chosen by relevancy to the night”s theme. All music belonging to that specific artist will be reviewed including pictures of footage in a form of music videos or biography. Alternatively! We do a pure tribute nights are presented as our way of paying homage to a selected number of great artists, taking that approach of playing music from atleast 2 great artists per session.

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Home-Ground-Advantage-SlidersHome Gound Advantage (HGA) is an idea to bring together aspiring expressionists, into mini cypher sessions on Friday late afternoons. The sessions are based on creating a platform for mostly independent driven artists, while creating networks/databases of all the aspiring musicians around Alexandra & surrounding areas. (i.e. Rappers, freestylers, slam poets, beat boxers,…)

These Cypher Sessions are to be hosted at The Hub Presents in Eastbank / Alexandra – every second Friday of the month starting in August 2016, the sessions will be starting at 16:00 hours to 20:00 – with an extended timeframe of another 2 hours for performances.

The show will also produce a compilation of “16 Bars” of written rhymes & good freestyles, with the project being released as singles of 3 or 4 great 16 bars dropped under the website & various other affiliate sites (iTunes, Amazon, …)

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Operation-Lockdown-Sliders“Flea Market / Operation Lockdown”

– Operation Lockdown: In association with Audio Culture Collective based in Yeoville, we present a night called “Operation Lockdown”, a night laced on various music genres (i.e. House, hip-Hop, Reggae, DubStep,

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“Black Sunday Sessions”

Experience one of the most authentic and original hip-hop based shows in South Africa, Black Sunday has always been known as a platform for up & coming artists to share, listen expand their talent knowledge to present live poetry, rap, live music with a strong hip-hop approach. The event happens every 1st Sunday of the month, showcasing a great lineup of what the streets of South Africa represent on a daily.

Art & Photography Exhibitions  (Starting Date to be announced)

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Wine, Craft Beer & Cheese Tasting Flea Market (Starting Date to be announced)

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